About Paper Trails

About Paper Trails

Welcome to Paper Trails - An indie bookstore celebrating vibrant books to help inspire today’s generation through the magic of storytelling.

About us

A full ecosystem for book lovers.

Our readers are entitled to share their love of reading and books in a supportive community. Our aim is to cultivate one of the largest and most social bookish communities.

Our Philosophy and our Values        Our Philosophy and our Values        Our Philosophy and our Values        Our Philosophy and our Values        Our Philosophy and our Values        Our Philosophy and our Values        Our Philosophy and our Values  
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We have in-depth knowledge of the literary world to bring you amazing and unforgettable stories.

our values
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We’re crazy about books and we love what we do.

our values
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We believe that stories and storytelling have the power to bring communities together.

our values
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We believe in honesty and transparency; we deliver what we promise.

our values

Discover weekly, the best new books

  1. Book recommendations from real people, not robots.
  2. Vote for your favorites and uncover future bestsellers.
  3. A new fun way to discover books you’ve never seen before.
the founder

I wanted to pay homage to paper books, traditional brick and mortar stores while still developing a modern concept of what it is to be a bookstore in this era and age.

Jawahir Mohammed
Founder and CEO, Paper Trails
Meet Jawahir
the team

Khairiyah AlShareef

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Khairiyah AlShareef

Self motivated Human Resources Specialist at Paper Trails. I look after our people, by implementing core values rooted in integrity, professionalism, and community

Eithar Juaran

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Eithar Juaran

Administrative Assistant at Paper Trails. I make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently, They can always count on me for a friendly smile and a helping hand!