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We’re Paper Trails - a bookstore and holistic community based in Saudi Arabia. Our work speaks to the belief that books are a source of inspiration.

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Shipping costs

Delivery will be made as soon as possible after your order is accepted and in any event within an estimated domestic delivery of 3-4 business days (weekdays not including holidays) after it’s been dispatched with the courier

All shipping estimates are provided by the shipping provider, and orders may be delayed, and fees may be susceptible to change in accordance with Aramex’s shipping policies and the user’s location and shipping provider

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Returning policy

If a book is completely unavailable, then the customer is provided with either a refund or the possibility of choosing another book that is equal to the value of the books originally wanted for purchase.

Please review our return policy to see if you are eligible for a refund or an alternative.

Our return policy


01. General infos

Do you sell Arabic books?

No, we do not (think we should? Email us at [email protected]).

01. General infos

Do you sell Childrens books?

No, we do not.

01. General infos

Do you have a physical store?

No we are only online based (for now!)


02. Shipping Info

When will my order be shipped?

After confirmation of order and dispatch, delivery of shipments usually takes between 3-4 business days. (Subject to change during peak and seasonal times)

02. Shipping Info

Do you ship outside of KSA?

No unfortunately, we currently only ship within KSA. We're aiming to ship to other countries in the future.

02. Shipping Info

How do I track my order?

You will receive an email confirmation from us with an order number and tracking information shortly after you place your order on the website.

02. Shipping Info

I haven't received a tracking email, how can I track my parcel?

We kindly ask you to check your spam and junk folder first. If you still haven't received an email from us, kindly reach out to customer support: [email protected].


03. Ordering Infos

Can I cancel my order?

Yes but only up to an hour after order is submitted.

03. Ordering Infos

Can I amend my order?

Depends on what is the request. We can reduce or increase product quantities. But exchanging a product with another is not applicable. If you're unsure kindly contact customer support at [email protected]

03. Ordering Infos

I received a damaged order, will I be refunded/compensated?

You may only receive a Returnless Refund, Limited Refund, or other form of suitable compensation if you meet our Return Policy criteria. For more information, please take a look at our Return Policy.

03. Ordering Infos

The book I ordered is not available, will I be refunded?

We strive to provide the most ideal customer service and we do apologize for the inconvenience of not having the book you ordered. This will be dealt with through a case by case basis, and only if you meet our Return Policy criteria.

03. Ordering Infos

The book I want is not on the website, can you order it for me?

We do not do custom or personalized orders. However if you do think there are titles that we are missing in our bookstore, please feel free to email us your book recommendations at [email protected]. We're always on the lookout for new exciting titles!


04. Career Infos

I’m interested in joining Paper Trails, How can I apply?

We're always looking for fellow book lovers to join the team. Email us at [email protected] to inquire about our available positions.

04. Career Infos

Is Paper Trails offering internships?

Yes we do! Please email us at [email protected].