Return policy

Return policy
  1. If you are an individual and are not buying goods on behalf of a business, you can amend your order. You must notify us of your amendment. You can notify us through our online contact form.
  1. If a book is completely unavailable, then the customer is provided with either a refund or the possibility of choosing another book that is equal to the value of the books originally wanted for purchase. If the customer chooses not to explore that option, then a refund will be issued.
  1. Refunds will be offered on non-COD transactions and only for the following reasons:

  2. Unavailability of the ordered book.
  1. Damage to the only and last copy of the book.
  1. Publishing issues.
  1. Printing issues.
  1. Paper Trails is not held responsible for shipping damages caused by freight forwarders or shipping companies. However, if an order is severely damaged (torn, damaged books, or any other state that makes the books completely unreadable), and it wasn’t caused by the freight forwarders or shipping companies, then a refund (Returnless Refund) or a new order is placed free of charge with the condition it is either the same order or equal to the value of the order (Limited Refund). This shall only be applicable if the customer informs Paper Trails of the damages within 24 hours of delivery received date through an email with a support of proof of purchase (order number, confirmation, etc), evidence of the damage (pictures or video), and date received to the customer service support.
  1. There is no return or exchange for books if the customer is dissatisfied with the product experience (reading experience). As stated above an alternative is provided only if there is severe irreversible damage (Returnless Refund and Limited Refund).