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Ramadan Journal

Ramadan Journal

A Stunning, Deluxe 30-Day Planner for Prayer, Fasting and Practicing Gratitude
Ramadan Journal Team
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A 30-day planner to help organise and focus your Ramadan

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The perfect gift for Ramadan, for those wanting to get the most out of the holy month this year.

A stunning, luxurious journal and planner with elegant gold foiling and ornate cover design - undated so you can use it any year.

Organise and focus your Ramadan with this 30-day planner, for tracking daily prayers, goals, fasting, reading of the Quran, and to-dos. With daily duas and free journaling space, you can reflect on your progress and end each day with gratitude. With this journal, you can:

- Organise your life around the things that truly matter
- Set, plan and track progress towards your goals
- Reflect on what you learn and what you can do to continue your worship after Ramadan
- Prepare and plan for Eid al-Fitr with your loved ones

It's also undated, so it can be used any year. Motivating and practical, this journal is the perfect companion for a fulfilling and productive Ramadan.

Author biography

The Ramadan Journal Team are a group of people committed to creating the very best materials for Ramadan.