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Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

A Feminist Guide to Investing
Camilla Falkenberg
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Brief Description

Start your journey to financial success with Female Invest's guide for safe, smart, and sustainable investing. This is an empowering and uplifting money manifesto, aiming to change the tides of financial power.

Full Description

Are you one of the 68% of women worldwide earning less than a man doing the same job? Then you need to make your money work harder, starting now.

In Girls Just Want to Have Funds, the trio of founders behind the global movement Female Invest bring you an empowering five-step guide with a straight-talking message: you don't have to be an expert or a millionaire to make money. Simply equip yourself with the easy-to-follow golden rules and tools of three finance gurus to find your confidence and open a whole new world of opportunities.

Whether you want to master the art of setting realistic goals, demystify financial jargon and markets, gain independence with a f*ck you fund, or finally get excited about your financial future, find all the answers you need and more with this comprehensive guide. Even if you only have a $1 savings fund to begin with, you too can have a rewarding, limitless life by investing in yourself and this book.


"A 101 guide to safe, smart, and sustainable investing" -- Francesca Brown * Stylist *
"This practical guide to money from Female Invest is a reassuring and non-patronising read that can help you review your finances and achieve goals for the year ahead" -- Francesca Brown * Stylist *
"[Girls Just Wanna Have Funds] has rave reviews, bringing together history and social issues with the business of investing." -- Abha Shah * Evening Standard *

Author Biography

Camilla Falkenberg, Emma Due Bitz, and Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen are the founders of Female Invest, a global financial educator targeting women. Through their subscription business, which has members in 82 countries, they educate women on personal finance and investing with a mission to close the financial gender gap. More than 100,000 women have taken their courses, and they are listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 list within finance. They have also won the worlds' largest startup competition and authored the Danish bestseller Ready, Set, Invest. In 2021, they joined Y Combinator and they have found global fame with their work, featuring in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and many others.